Ascension University



Who we are, what our purpose is, what is our intent in this Ascensions which is currently underway.


                  IGNITING LIVES NOW!!!

 Our purpose is to assist you in your growth process towards ascension.


Ascension is the process for an individual to become immortal, taking their body with

them to a much higher dimension.


We have been ordained by Divinity to bring forth the ancient teachings of knowledge

that have been hidden from you by the ones that control our planet, in order to keep

you in servitude and indebted to them. You know the truth of who and what you truly



Through these teachings you will be unleashed and exalted, living your true potential.


There is no reason to die, it is only your belief that holds you hostage to this

illusion, aging being an example.


You will know if you are ready to become immortal and will be drawn to these teachings.